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2014 Oshkosh

Antique Grand Champion!

owned by Marlin Horst

1929 Fairchld 71

Stolen Paperwork!!!

Jim Matus Rescue CA -

At 4:30 AM on Monday 03/23/15 we had a break-in at my
business in Rancho Cordova CA(suburb of Sacramento) Various office
electronics and cash were taken, however also was a briefcase from under my desk. In the case was All of the paperwork for my 1936 Fairchild 24 C8C.

Included are both the airframe and the power plant logbooks (airframe goes back to 1942 when the plane was inducted into the C.A.P.) also the data plate, the latest airworthiness certificate, the original airworthiness
certificate signed by the president of Fairchild in 1936. Also in the case
are the current F.A.A. registration papers and years worth of notes, photos, manuals and other items. The case was a 70's - 80's style hard side business type briefcase. It has a chrome band around the middle and the latches are recessed in it.

I am offering a $500.00 reward for the return of the
contents. The aircraft is under restoration and has always been well cared for.

The following link is to the local news story

Thank-you for your time Jim <mailto:nosparts4u@hotmail.com>




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